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Advanced Ultrasonic Research Capabilities for Material Science

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Verasonics’ Vantage platform provides high performance, programmable phased array and multi-channel ultrasound systems with unparalleled flexibility for innovative and translational research.

Over the last decade, Verasonics has become the leading provider of research ultrasound systems to the biomedical community.  Over 2000 scientific articles referencing Verasonics technologies have been published. Now this advanced technology is available to the materials- and earth-science communities.

A single Vantage system now covers a very broad range of applications and needs for academic and industrial ultrasound research and development, with its capabilities expanded for use in NDE/NDT, materials science, earth science and more. Beyond its advantages in phased array ultrasound (including extremely fast FMC/TFM), the Vantage system is ideal for implementing versatile multi-channel techniques and applications such as guided wave tomography, acoustic trapping and acoustic emission monitoring.

High Performance Data Acquisition
  • Outstanding signal fidelity
  • Complete control of transmit and receive parameters at the channel level
  • Online, real-time access to all raw RF data for every channel
  • Programmable tri-state pulser allows for high fidelity arbitrary waveform transmission independently per channel, enabling advanced pulse encoding techniques, such as frequency and amplitude modulation, coded excitation, time-reversal, etc.
  • Image reconstruction on the order of 40 million pixels per second using a standard, commercially available CPU provided by Verasonics
  • Exceptional frequency range, with configurations from 50 kHz to 50 MHz
  • Data acquisition into local memory (up to 100,000 FPS) limited only by acoustic travel time
  • High-speed data transfer from the data acquisition system to computer at up to 6.6 GB/s sustained
Unmatched Flexibility for Research Ultrasound
  • Intuitive sequence programming model provides a template for programming simple or highly complex scripts, including the ability to call custom-processing functions
  • Universal Transducer Adapter (UTA) system and available adapters allow users to connect a broad range of commercially available as well as custom transducers
  • Easy to integrate custom transducers of any configuration and geometry
  • Software Simulator enables users to perform verification of custom programming, including acquisition sequences and data processing techniques, and can be utilized with or without the system hardware present. Additionally, the Simulator can improve research lab efficiency by allowing multiple users to utilize the Vantage system software, whether for working from home, for training or custom programming, or while others are using the hardware
  • Examples provided allow users to integrate and utilize machine learning and deep learning tools for cutting-edge research using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques
  • Protect your investment with Verasonics’ upgrade program that allows users to adapt and expand their systems to meet the needs of emerging applications
Best Customer Support in the Industry
  • Multiple software toolboxes and library of over 500 example scripts make the system easy to use and provides a head start for programming the system
  • Compatible with Bristol BRAIN Analysis Software, a free, open-architecture software designed to be used interactively with acquisition hardware for a variety of material evaluation techniques
  • Extensive product documentation including User Manuals, a Sequence Programming Tutorial, and Application Notes
  • Technical support included with each system purchase allows customers to engage with our scientists and engineers for technical questions, e.g. script troubleshooting
  • The Verasonics Community web site offers an online library of training videos, product documentation and a repository of novel programming scripts contributed by users
  • Webinars and multiple live training events at locations around the world
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The Vantage platform provides advanced research capabilities for a wide array of applications. Each of the links below describes key features of the Vantage system for that application.

Scientific Articles Referencing Verasonics Products

Verasonics’ research ultrasound products provide the platform and tools for many kinds of ultrasonic and acoustic research and development.  Advancements made with these systems have been referenced in scientific articles over 2000 times.

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