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The Vantage™ Advantage

How can the Vantage system Benefit your Research Lab?

The Vantage platform from Verasonics is preferred in research labs around the world because it is the only ultrasound technology with the flexibility to enable a broad scope of today’s research, plus the adaptability to support future research and development needs of all types.  As research funding becomes increasingly difficult to obtain, the intelligent choice for your lab is the Vantage system because it provides premium performance, versatile programmability, is easy to use and upgradable, and comes with comprehensive, world-class customer support.

Vantage systems provide unparalleled, premium performance:

  • Complete control over all transmit parameters
  • Real-time RF acquisition for all channels while imaging
  • Ability to modify the receive signal processing and image processing parameters
  • RF data immediately available in computer memory
  • Easy incorporation of custom algorithms
  • Optional per-channel Arbitrary Waveform transmit generation capability
  • Processing functions that execute on the Graphic Processing Unit (GPU)
  • Super-fast acquisition capability to perform functional brain imaging and other high frame rate applications
    • Data acquisition – up to 100,000 fps
    • Data transfer – sustained 6.6 GB/sec
  • Use 14-Bit ADCs – the largest ADC dynamic range on research systems today
  • Available with trigger inputs and output for synchronizing with other devices
  • Ability to acquire and process focused ray lines, wide beam and plane wave images
  • Highly configurable – from 32 to 2048 channels (multiple system configuration)

Vantage systems offer a flexible platform that enables expanding applications:

  • Available with high-power, multi-channel HIFU – capable of tissue ablation and cavitation

  • Long-duration acoustic push for shear wave generation, elastography and ARFI techniques

  • Extended Transmit burst capability, enabling research into many types of focused ultrasound therapy

  • 3D volume acquisition reconstructions with matrix arrays

  • Image reconstruction for one-way photoacoustic signals

  • MRI compatible

  • Supports multiple types of transducer connectors

  • Easy integration with custom transducers of any configuration and geometry

  • Configurable for high frequency imaging – up to 50 MHz – for pre-clinical research

  • Available in a low frequency configuration – signal acquisition down to 50 kHz

Vantage systems are easy to use, with an extensive array of example scripts and innovative software tools: 

  • Sequence programing performed in the MATLAB environment
  • Multiple software toolboxes to facilitate programming and system optimization
  • Easy integration with custom transducers of any configuration and geometry
  • Frequent software updates to provide enhancements and new capabilities
  • Highly reliable and logical hardware architecture
  • Responsive customer service and support – best in the research community
    • Extensive documentation
    • Access to highly experienced scientists and engineers for technical questions and timely response
  • Includes documentation to support IRB review for human scanning
  • Complementary customer training available for all customers under warranty

Vantage systems include comprehensive, world-class support

At Verasonics, we stand behind our products and strive to offer the best customer service and user support in the research ultrasound community. Since it was introduced in 2013, the Vantage platform has been enhanced and expanded many times, and we continue to invest in making it a better tool for researchers and developers. Every Verasonics system is upgradable and can be configured based on your unique research needs and budget realities. With the flexibility, service and access that we provide our customers, combined with highly reliable hardware and software, Vantage is the superior choice for those looking to advance their  research in ultrasonics, and in applications that use ultrasound.

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