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Extended I/O Solution

Enabling Your Research and Development in NDE/NDT and Biomedical

The Extended I/O Solution provides the capability to seamlessly interface encoder, digital and analog data using the Vantage Programming model for research and development.

    • Allows for the referencing of position encoder data with ultrasound acquisitions and pulse on position operation

    • Enables simpler integration of analog or digital data captured by external devices

      • Physiological data (e.g. EKG, temperature, arterial pressure, etc.)

      • Engineering sensor data (e.g. LVDTs, strain gauges, accelerometers etc.)


    • NI PCIe-6321 Multifunction I/O Card Specifications

    • Licensed software for integration with the Vantage system


4 x 32-bit digital quadrature encoder inputs (accepts 5V TTL)

16-bit analog inputs: 8 differential/16 single-ended (10V range, max. sample rate 250kHz)

Up to 8 TTL digital lines (shared with outputs)


2 x 16-bit analog outputs (10V range, up to 900,000 sample/s)

Up to 8 TTL digital lines (shared with inputs)


68-pin VHDCI Connector


PCI Express

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Extended I/O Solution

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