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The Vantage™ Research Ultrasound Systems

The Most Flexible Technology for Research Ultrasound

With more channel options, a wider frequency range, multi-channel arbitrary waveform generation capability, 14-bit A/D conversion, and greater control, flexibility and speed than other research products, the Vantage systems are breakthrough technology.  Providing easy programmability, over 500 example scripts and a familiar MATLAB® interface, Verasonics systems are incredibly powerful tools for research and development in all applications of ultrasound and ultrasonics.

Key System Specifications:

The Vantage System is available in five models with a variety of configurations and options:

Vantage 32 LE™ Vantage 64™ Vantage 64 LE™ Vantage 128™ Vantage 256™
Channels 64 Tx / 32 Rx 64 Tx / 64 Rx 128 Tx / 64 Rx 128 Tx / 128 Rx 256 Tx / 256 Rx
Standard Frequency
High Frequency N/A N/A
Low Frequency
External Clock N/A N/A N/A N/A
Licensable Options
Extended Transmit N/A N/A
Arbitrary Waveform
Synchronization Triggers INCLUDED INCLUDED
Volume Imaging Package N/A N/A N/A N/A
UTA Compatibility
UTA 260-S
UTA 260-D
UTA 360
UTA 408
UTA 408-GE ✓*
UTA 260-MUX (biomedical)
UTA 1024-MUX
UTA 156-U
UTA 256 Direct
UTA 160-DH/32 LEMO (NDT)
UTA 160-SH/8 LEMO (Hypertronics)
UTA 160-SI/8 LEMO (Ipex)
Multi-System Sync Module N/A N/A N/A
Backshell Connector Kit
Signal Breakout Board
260 Offset Adapter
✓  purchasable configuration or option.  All Vantage systems can be reconfigured or upgraded to additional options.
* some probes supported


  • Real-time access to RF data for each channel
  • Standard frequency range: 0.5 – 27 MHz (up to 50 MHz with filter adjustment)
    • (1 – 50 MHz with High Frequency configuration)
    • (50 kHz – 1.5 MHz with Low Frequency configuration)
  • Programmable anti-aliasing filter cutoff: 10, 15, 20 and 30 MHz, and in addition, 35 and 50 MHz with High Frequency configuration
  • 14 bit A/D converters with programmable sample rate up to 62.5 MHz
  • Two independent, user-programmable, symmetrical RF data digital filters (23 tap and 41 tap)

Transmit Options

  • Extended Transmit option: Enables pulses up to a few milliseconds in duration (for radiation force methods and for long coded excitation pulses)
  • Arbitrary Waveform: Per-channel programming of tri-state transition timing on a 4 ns grid


  • All transmit and receive channels are independently controlled
  • Standard frequency range: 0.5 MHz to 20 MHz
    • (2 – 42 MHz with High Frequency configuration)
    • (50 kHz – 1.5 MHz with Low Frequency configuration)
  • Time delay resolution: 4.0 nsec.
  • Programmable pulser amplitude, 2 to 190V p-p
  • Tri-state drive: + high voltage, – high voltage and ground
  • Per-channel, programmable center frequency, pulse width (pulse duty cycle), pulse length, polarity and delay
  • Per-channel transmit apodization using pulse width modulation
  • Maximum burst length (without Extended Transmit option) is a few microseconds at transmit center frequency
  • Power limit, single channel: up to 100 Watts peak, 8 Watts average (into 50 Ohms)

How fast is Vantage?

Data acquisition into local memory up to 100,000 frames/second, limited only by acoustic travel time. RF Data transfer to host computer via 8 PCI express lanes with a sustained data transfer rate up to 6.6 GB/s. 64 MB/channel local buffer memory for RF acquisitions.  Digital averaging, filtering and decimation may be performed on up to 1000 acquisitions to improve SNR and reduce bandwidth.

Vantage Host Controller

The Vantage system includes a powerful host controller workstation that has been optimized to provide the best performance with your Vantage system.  It comes with a custom BIOS, installed Verasonics software including HAL, VSX, firmware and drivers; PCI express host adapter, MATLAB software, and over 500 example scripts.

System OptionsLearn about Vantage options and accessories

Download Technology
White Papers

Arbitrary Waveform Generation
With the Vantage Platform

This white paper describes the rationale for, and benefits of, using the Vantage Arbitrary Waveform capability.

Arbitrary Waveform
 High Frequency Imaging
With the Vantage System

Read this white paper and learn about signal processing techniques to acquire data up to 50 MHz.

Bandwidth Sampling
Download the Vantage Brochure and Product Specifications Datasheet
Vantage Family
Download information about  Vantage System Transmit Options
Vantage Transmit Capabilities
Download Information about synchronizing your Vantage System with other devices
Synchronization Triggers
The Vantage System is intended to be used for research and experimental uses only.
The Vantage System is not a diagnostic ultrasound device.
Images shown are for demonstration purposes only.

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