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Advancing Research and Transforming Product Development

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Verasonics, Inc. is dedicated to assisting scientific investigators and innovators advance research and development in all applications of ultrasound. With unparalleled quality, versatility and efficiency, the Verasonics’ Vantage™ system is the leading enabler of research ultrasound. Vantage systems utilize state-of-the-art hardware and software technologies giving researchers access to raw ultrasound data from each channel in real time, while preserving the ability to perform high quality real-time imaging at clinically useful frame rates. Whether it is integration of a custom transducer array, development of novel beamforming techniques, or creation of new image processing algorithms, Vantage is the ideal solution to meet and exceed research and development requirements.

Founded in 2001, Verasonics is comprised of a team of scientists, engineers and technical staff who are ultrasonic experts. Verasonics strives to deliver the most advanced and flexible tools, enabling customers to raise the bar on ultrasonic techniques in biomedical ultrasound, materials science, earth sciences, physics of acoustics , and more.

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How Would You Use Vantage?

Verasonics’ Vantage ultrasound systems are used today at numerous institutions and companies worldwide for FUS research and product development.  The Vantage HIFU technology enables both energy delivery and imag­ing using the same transmitters, for flexible and comprehensive exploration in ultrasound-guided HIFU.  The new HIFUPlex Portfolio provides premium quality focused ultrasound research solutions across a wide range of applications and budgets.

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FUS Clinical applications
With the Vantage system, materials science researchers have a programmable platform with phased array technology to enabling ultrasonic innovation across many applications. The ability to program each channel independently over a wide frequency range, and access the raw acoustic data, enables advanced NDE algorithm development.
Vantage for NDE/NDT
The wide range of Verasonics products facilitates new ultrasound product development in many applications, from proof of concept through clinical trials and final optimization. Vantage system are also used for development and quality control testing of novel transducer designs. Verasonics offers technology licenses to companies that enable design and manufacture of new products based on our industry-leading technology. By working with the Verasonics team, commercial licensees can achieve substantial savings in development costs, and significantly improve time to market.
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The flexibility and high-performance imaging capabilities of Vantage high frequency ultrasound systems and transducers provide an ideal platform for scientists conducting pre-clinical research for new diagnostic and therapeutic techniques and products.
high frequency linear arrays
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Vantage systems can be programmed to generate ARFI pulses for research in elastography, as well as for research in therapeutic techniques that require moderate energy delivery. The system’s capability of extremely high frame rate enables detection of shear waves, and the innovative Pixel-Oriented Processing technology provides reconstruction of shear wave information over a large field of view.
extended transmit & HIFU options
For research that requires interrogation of a volume of tissue, Vantage systems can operate matrix array transducers to provide a highly programmable and flexible solution, employing from 256 up to 2048 independently-controlled channels, and providing access to the RF data from each channel.

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What’s New from Verasonics

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Vantage system is enabling researchers  to develop innovative applications  with state-of-the-art AI. With its versatile programming model, Vantage provides flexibility in defining each of the ultrasound system’s functional components. Vantage also provides high-fidelity, data-acquisition hardware and high-speed data transfer.  Many research studies in the field of AI have already been published using Vantage Research Ultrasound System.

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Volume Imaging

For researchers who want to acquire and process a 3D volume of data Verasonics now offers the Volume Imaging Package which includes Vantage system hardware and software for imaging with matrix array transducers and provides high-speed data transfer and image reconstruction algorithms.

High Frequency Transducers

High Frequency Transducers

Verasonics now offers 4 transducers for pre-clinical research and superficial imaging, ranging from 15 to 30 MHz.  Learn about the newest solutions in CMUT and PZT single crystal technologies.

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The Vantage System is intended to be used for research and experimental uses only.  The Vantage System is not a diagnostic ultrasound device.
Verasonics® is a registered trademark of Verasonics, Inc. and Vantage™ is a trademark of Verasonics, Inc.

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