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The Verasonics’ Lease and Rent-to-Own Programs

Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging | The 2020 UITC Symposium
The Vantage 64 System with the UTA 160 adapter
provides dual Hypertronics array connectors
and 32 single-element Lemo connectors.

Who can benefit from these programs?

Verasonics offers Leases and Rent-to-Own programs for all Vantage systems.  These programs were developed to help scientists, engineers and developers who need short-term or temporary access to an ultrasound research platform with the flexibility, performance and value that only Verasonics provides.  It can also be helpful for researchers who have limited funds, but want a system that can be expanded and upgraded in the future.

  • Scientists and engineers who need to demonstrate “proof of concept” before investing in a development platform
  • Materials science researchers who want a low-cost platform to work with phased array technologies
  • Busy university labs that need an additional research system
  • Start-up companies that need an R&D platform for a limited time
  • PhD students preparing for a presentation at IEEE
  • And more…

How does it work?

The rented products can include any Vantage system, host controller computer, software and necessary features and options.  After the initial term, the user can return the system, continue leasing/renting month-to-month, or purchase the system with lease/rent payments applied to the purchase price.

  • Some restrictions apply – not available in all countries
  • Flexible terms
  • Contact us for more information
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