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Verasonics – The Leader in Research Ultrasound

Verasonics, a privately held company founded in 2001, is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, USA.  It is a team comprised of scientists, engineers and technical experts with hundreds of years of combined ultrasound experience. Verasonics designs and sells leading-edge Vantage ultrasound research systems for academic and commercial investigators. These real-time, software-based, programmable ultrasound systems accelerate research by providing unsurpassed speed and control to simplify the data collection and analysis process. Researchers in 36 countries across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania routinely use Verasonics product solutions to advance the art and science of ultrasound through their own research efforts. With unparalleled flexibility, Vantage simplifies the acquisition and analysis of acoustic data to advance research and development.

The mission of Verasonics is to provide researchers and developers with the most advanced and flexible tools that enable them to develop new algorithms and products used in biomedical ultrasound, materials science, earth sciences, and the physics of acoustics and ultrasonics. Our staff has distinguished themselves in clinical, commercial, academic and start-up ultrasound environments, including:

  • Front End Hardware – state-of-the-art analog and digital signal processing for the highest fidelity ultrasound transmission and acquisition
  • Software Beamforming – real time image reconstruction using Pixel-Oriented Processing and very high frame rates
  • Computer-based ultrasound – PCIe interfacing, software signal and image reconstruction
  • Commercialization and Licensing – development and commercialization of academic IP, and engineering support for emerging ultrasound companies
  • Leading-Edge Applications – Expertise in Focused ultrasound for intervention and therapy, elastography, photoacoustics, novel transducer technologies, non-destructive evaluation, high-channel count systems, high-frequency pre-clinical imaging, and more

Advancing Research and Development in Ultrasound:

  • Of the papers presented at IEEE-International Ultrasonics Symposium in the years 2012-2019 that referenced an ultrasound research system, Verasonics systems received the most citations
  • Extensive biomedical and preclinical applications – detection, diagnosis, intervention, therapy, monitoring
  • Expanding materials science applications – NDT/NDE, earth science, biometrics, transducer development
  • Universities – The leading research laboratories and academic institutions on 5 continents use Verasonics systems
  • Industry – from small start-ups to mega-cap companies in the Forbes 20, commercial developers use Verasonics products to create new algorithms, applications, transducers and entirely new imaging systems
  • Flexibility – the most versatile platform for turning your concepts and ideas into great ultrasound products in a short amount of time
  • Licensing – Facilitating rapid development through Collaboration and Licensing programs


Lauren Pflugrath
Lauren PflugrathPresident and CEO
For over 30 years Lauren has been a leader in ultrasound technology management and development, as Sr. Director of Mid-Range and High Performance Ultrasound groups at ATL/Philips Ultrasound.  This included a position as Director of Handheld Devices (in which he led development of a prototype device that became Sonosite). Lauren is named as an inventor on 16 ultrasound patents.
Ron Daigle, Ph.D.
Ron Daigle, Ph.D.Vice President and CTO
Ron has over 40 years experience in ultrasound research and development, including 5 years as Director of Research at ATL Ultrasound, and 8 years as Director of Technology at Atlantis Diagnostics International. He is the author on 32 ultrasound publications and named as an inventor on 10 ultrasound patents.
Ed McClenny
Ed McClennyCFO
Ed has brought his financial and operations expertise to the ultrasound field for nearly 30 years, including serving as Director of Finance, Europe for Philips Medical Systems.  He has consulted on international distribution strategies to a number of companies, and was also General Manager, Americas for SuperSonic Imagine.
Mike VegaVice President, Business Development & Sales
Mike began his ultrasound career as a sonographer in 1980. He has led various marketing and market development teams at ATL and SonoSite, pioneered new ultrasound products and applications, and held sales and sales management positions for SonoSite, SuperSonic Imagine and Ultrasonix, before joining Verasonics in 2013.
Jon K. DaigleVice President, Corporate Development
Jon joined Verasonics as Director of Corporate Development in 2015 and is responsible for commercial licensing and strategic alliances. Prior to Verasonics, he held various roles in corporate strategy and development, strategic marketing and product management at Medtronic and Becton Dickinson & Co.
Mike PierceVice President, Customer Service
Michael has over 24 years experience in ultrasound and medical device development, marketing and field service. He spent 13 years at Philips serving in a variety of positions – Connectivity Engineer, Professional Services Consultant, and Field Marketing Manager, and as the Director of Marketing and Operations at Medstreaming.
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