Plane Wave – Vol. 2, Issue 7 – Introducing Verasonics Community

Welcome to the seventh issue of Volume 2 of PLANE WAVE, Verasonics’ Newsletter through which we share information about new products and technologies, emerging applications, conferences, training opportunities, and collaborations with researchers in ultrasound and ultrasonic technologies.  We hope you find these newsletters informative and interesting, and welcome your suggestions for future topics.

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Introducing the Verasonics Community — Providing Customers with Greater Access to Vantage Training Materials, Product Documentation and Programming Scripts to Expand the Utility of Vantage Research Systems.

Verasonics is pleased to offer all Vantage customers access to its new Verasonics Community, a portal designed to provide quick and easy access to helpful tools for training and product information, along with a programming script repository. “The Verasonics Community is intended as a supplemental tool to our customer support and is available at no cost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said Lauren Pflugrath, Verasonics’ President and CEO. 

Pflugrath added, “The Verasonics Community will enable new Vantage users to quickly become proficient with their Vantage systems, through training videos, application notes and product documentation.  Additionally, it will provide experienced customers the ability to access and share programming scripts with other Vantage users in an effort to continue advancing ultrasound research.”

The Verasonics Community Includes: 

Vantage Training Videos

The Verasonics Community includes Vantage product training videos developed by Verasonics’ scientists.  Training video modules include:

  • Instruction on how to set up the Vantage system
  • Overview of the Vantage platform architecture
  • Instruction on how to get started programming the Vantage system
  • Common issues and troubleshooting
  • Software tools
  • Much more..

Each video is 10 to 15 minutes in length, and can be viewed as often as necessary.

Vantage Resource Documents

Application Notes and Vantage product documentation are also now available in the new Verasonics Community. These documents include specific user instructions for Vantage tools, accessories and software features, as well as more general topics designed to expand the user’s knowledge base on Vantage capabilities and functionality. These documents are in a searchable database to simplify locating the information needed and can be downloaded as PDF files.

Vantage Script Repository

The Verasonics Community’s Script Repository is a place where Verasonics’ customers can share with their peers programming scripts that they have developed to simplify collaboration or as a way of highlighting innovative techniques that may be of benefit to the ultrasound research community worldwide. Each script entry contains a description, a downloadable script and supplementary information, the experimental setup and guidance on how to cite the work. Contributors to the Script Repository are always able to manage and edit contributions after posting should new information become available.

How to Access the Verasonics Community: 

Already a Verasonics customer?

If you are already a Vantage system user, simply register at the Verasonics Community by using your name, affiliated institution and institutional e-mail address to create log-in credentials. Please note that personal e-mail addresses are not recognized for registration at the Verasonics Community. Customers have 24/7, no-cost access to the Verasonics Community.

If not currently a Verasonics customer…

Access to the Verasonics Community requires registration, and only current Vantage research ultrasound customers can register. Learn more about becoming a Vantage customer and the Verasonics Community.

What Customers are Saying About Verasonics Community: 

“A couple weeks ago, I had a chance to view the videos in the new online Verasonics Community, which I believe will be a very helpful resource for customers. I especially appreciate the access to the shared Vantage example scripts within the Community. This feature will help us to accelerate learning, while giving us access to advanced techniques from other users.”

– André Vieira Pigatto, PhD Candidate, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA

“Recently, I was able to use the new Verasonics Community. The educational videos are a great resource, providing a comprehensive introduction to the Vantage system.”

– Ivan Rosado Mendez, PhD, Institute of Physics, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico

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