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Vantage Arbitrary Waveform Generation Capability

This is a screen shot of Verasonics’ unique Arbitrary Waveform Generation Toolkit.

A New Tool for Ultrasound Research:

  • Arbitrary Waveforms capability is an option on all Vantage systems
  • Arbitrarily long tri-state pulses are defined using a compact format
  • The 250 MHz clock sets state transitions for accurate phasing
  • Independent coding per transmit channel
  • Uses Pulse Wave Modulation to adjust amplitude
  • Verasonics’ new Toolkit simplifies definition and implementation of desired waveforms
  • Available on new systems or as an upgrade on all Vantage systems

Benefits of Using Coded Transmissions:

  • Improved Axial and Contrast Resolution
  • Improved Penetration
  • Imaging in Aberrating Media
  • Increased Frame Rate
arbitrary waveform for ultrasonic research
Patent Pending USPTO App. #61856488
Download the Arbitrary Waveform Generation White Paper
Arbitrary Waveform White Paper
Download the “Arbitrary Waveforms Using a Tri-State Transmit Pulser” Presentation (IEEE-IUS 2013) Note: 10 MB file
Arbitrary Waveform Presentation
Examples of the Toolkit and Images of the Arbitrary Waveform Results
Arbitrary Waveform Examples

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