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Matrix Array Transducers for Volume Imaging

Matrix Arrays are a leading-edge transducer technology that enables ultrafast acquisition of volume data. Utilizing 1024 elements in a 32×32 grid, and available in 3 and 8 MHz models, these transducers are compatible with the Vantage 256 research ultrasound systems.  Verasonics provides example scripts for multiplexed acquisition sequences using a single Vantage 256, and scripts for direct acquisition with 4 Vantage 256 systems for one-to-one channel-to-element connections.

Specifications for Matrix Array Transducers

3 MHz 8 MHz
Center Frequency 3.5 MHz 7.5 MHz
Bandwidth >50% >50%
Elements 1024 (32×32) 1024 (32×32)
Pitch 0.3 mm 0.3 mm
Cable Length Main cable = 1m; sub cables = 1m Main cable = 1m; sub cables = 1m
Compatibility Vantage 256 Vantage 256

Verasonics UTA 1024-MUX Adapter 

Verasonics’ Universal Transducer Adapter (UTA) allows Vantage systems to operate matrix array transducers through a unique small format connector. The MUX switch topology allows for switching apertures between transmit and receive, and for connecting each channel to up to four elements in parallel, and permits particular types of transmissions using larger apertures (e.g. plane wave).

Universal transducer adapters
Diagram of the Matrix Array transducer showing connections to termination boards
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