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CMUT Transducers for Research Ultrasound

Kolo Medical is a leader in next generation semiconductor (silicon) ultrasound transducer technology. Kolo’s Silicon Wave transducer technology offers a practical alternative to PZT transducers for extremely broad bandwidth and high frequency imaging applications.  These transducers provide unparalleled imaging performance for pre-clinical imaging, including mice and rats, and for other superficial imaging applications.

Verasonics is proud to partner with Kolo to make these transducers available to the worldwide ultrasound research community.

L38-22v CMUT
High Frequency Linear Array

Center Frequency   30.0 MHz
Bandwidth   60%
Number of elements   256
Pitch (mm)   0.069
Elevation focus (mm)   8.0
Elevation Aperture (mm)   1.8
MUX   Yes
Compatibility High Frequency Configurations of
Vantage 256, 128 & 64LE

L22-8v CMUT Linear Array

Center Frequency   15.0 MHz
Bandwidth   80%
Number of elements   256
Pitch (mm)   0.108
Elevation focus (mm)   15
Elevation Aperture (mm)   2.5
MUX   Yes
Compatibility   Vantage 256, 128 & 64LE
Download the Data Sheet about The Kolo CUMT Transducers
CMUT High Frequency Linear Array Transducers
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