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Imasonic Transducers for NDE and Materials Science

For research in NDE/NDT applications, Verasonics now offers two phased array transducers designed and manufactured by Imasonic SAS.  These two 5 MHz linear phased arrays are available with either 64 or 128 elements.  Both are compatible with all standard frequency and high frequency Vantage system configurations.

Specifications for Imasonic 5MHz 64- and 128-element transducers:

Center Frequency (MHz) 5
Bandwidth (-6 dB) >60%
Elements 64 or 128
Pitch (mm) 0.5
Elevation Width (mm) 10
KERF / Inter Element Spacing (mm) 0.1
Acoustic Design Hard Face
Matching Layer Front face with improved resistance for use in direct contact
Cable length (m) 1.5
Connector IPEX connector EMC
Compatible UTA Adapter UTA 160-SI/8 LEMO
Compatibility Standard Frequency and High Frequency Configurations of the Vantage 256, 128, 64LE, 64 and 32LE systems
Product Description
Product Name
5 MHz, 128 element linear phased array
5 MHz, 64 element linear phased array
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