Plane Wave – Vol. 4, Issue 6 – Verasonics Showcasing its Latest Advances in Research Ultrasound Solutions at the IEEE IUS 2020 Virtual Symposium

Welcome to the sixth issue of Volume 4 of PLANE WAVE, Verasonics’ Newsletter through which we share information about new products and technologies, emerging applications, conferences, training opportunities, and collaborations with researchers in ultrasound and ultrasonic technologies.  We hope you find these newsletters informative and interesting, and welcome your suggestions for future topics.

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Verasonics Showcasing its Latest Advances in Research Ultrasound Solutions at the IEEE IUS 2020 Virtual Symposium

Visit Verasonics’ Virtual Booth, Available Now

Verasonics, the leader in research ultrasound, announced today it will be showcasing its latest advances in research ultrasound including Volume Imaging and Focused Ultrasound (FUS) at the IEEE IUS 2020 Virtual Symposium, September 6-11. Please visit our virtual booth at the conference for more information about these and other new technologies, products and resources from Verasonics.

Volume Imaging

Verasonics continues to pioneer new methods of acquiring volume datasets for Volume Imaging, using both high-channel-count techniques (i.e., using multiple Vantage™ 256 systems with synchronized acquisition) and multiplexed acquisition (i.e., using a single Vantage™ 256 system).  The Verasonics Volume Imaging Package provides direct channel-to-element control with up to 8 connected Vantage systems operating 2048 channels simultaneously.  The Vantage system software now includes Doppler example scripts for a multi-system configuration.

Sparse Random Aperture Compounding (SRAC)

Over the last year Verasonics has developed a new technique for High-Frame-Rate acquisition of volume data sets with a single Vantage™ 256 Research Ultrasound system.  Using a 1024-element matrix array transducer and the UTA 1024-MUX adapter, the sparse-random-aperture-compounding (SRAC) approach allows exploration of optimal apertures for volume imaging. In particular, Verasonics’ MUX switch topology permits using SRAC approaches so that each acquisition leads to a high-quality image. The use of complementary random apertures and synthetic acquisitions allow the user to find a compromise between frame rate and image quality that suits their application.

Read more on High-frame-rate volume imaging using sparse-random-aperture compounding by Miguel Bernal, Bryan Cunitz, Daniel Rohrbach and Ron Daigle. Published 19 August 2020: Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, Physics in Medicine & Biology, Volume 65, Number 17.

Row/Column Array

Verasonics’ newest volume imaging technology consists of example scripts for imaging and simulation support for Row/Column Array (RCA) transducers with the Vantage 256 Research Ultrasound system.  Using orthogonally oriented arrays of 128 elements each, the RCA transducer provides a cost-effective approach to volume imaging that eliminates the large channel count requirement of matrix arrays.

Join a webinar on Wednesday, September 9th at 2pm PT to learn more about Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging and Integration of Row/Column Arrays into the Vantage Family.

HIFUPlex™ PLUS for Preclinical Ultrasound-Guided Focused Ultrasound

With an observed rapid growth in fundamental research and clinical translation of Ultrasound-Guided Focused Ultrasound (USgFUS) applications by customers, Verasonics in collaboration with Sonic Concepts has developed a complete preclinical platform for 3D therapy planningdelivery, and monitoring for both small and large target applications, tailored to assist researchers achieve practical turnkey research.  The HIFUPlex PLUS systems are designed to address a wide range of applications and budgets to save researchers time and cost, while simplifying control, and enhancing consistency.

An essential part of the HIFUPlex PLUS product family are the new capabilities available in the SoniVue™ HIFUPlex PLUS treatment planning software interface.  With more imaging modes, Thermal Strain Imaging (TSI) for monitoring (optional when only purchasing the HIFUPlex transducer pairings), and experiment data management, the SoniVue HIFUPlex PLUS software provides complete 3D experimental workflow capabilities:

  • Several imaging modes for ultrasound guidance, monitoring and assessment
  • Scan conversion of a series of 2D slices using rotary scanning to a 3D data set
  • SoniVue HIFUPlex PLUS software for 3D treatment planning and delivery
  • Thermal Strain Imaging (TSI) for monitoring of local heating
  • Experiment data-logging and review tools

Join a webinar on Tuesday, September 8th at 2pm PT to learn more about the HIFUPlex PLUS System.

SoniVue QuickScan Software

Verasonics is also pleased to introduce the SoniVue Quickscan software designed to provide a user-friendly, clinical-style graphical user interface for reliable and fast real-time imaging.  The tool includes a comprehensive set of common imaging controls, a pre-set management system, measurement tools, the ability to change probes and scripts during run-time, plus a capture- data management, review, save, and image and video- clip export functions.

SoniVue QuickScan will be integrated with Verasonics’ new application launcher, which will enhance the accessibility of SoniVue software applications.

SoniVue Application Launcher (above image) and the SoniVue QuickScan interface imaging with a Doppler script (below image). The SoniVue QuickScan software simplifies operation of the Vantage research system with a control interface that will be familiar to clinicians.

Join a webinar on Wednesday, September 9th at 2pm PT to learn more about A New Generation of Graphical User Interface Software for the Vantage Platform: SoniVue™ QuickScan.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we are here for you. Verasonics offers ultrasound simulator software that can assist in the continuation of research in a remote setting. Vantage customers have access to five simulator licenses with their system purchase that enable programming and verification of custom acquisition sequences without Vantage system hardware present. This allows for sharing of a single hardware system among multiple users and allows research and development teams to work virtually. To expand your lab’s efficiency while working remotely, Verasonics is offering increased access to the ultrasound simulator software to all customers. Verasonics is pleased to provide an additional five ultrasound simulator software licenses per account on a temporary basis (expires in 6 months). It is our sincere hope that we can support your goals and research during this unsettling time. For more information, please click here.

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