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Verasonics works closely with leading transducer companies and other suppliers to provide high quality, compatible products for researchers in biomedical and industrial applications.

Phone: 902 442 4665

Daxsonics provides technical expertise and engineering support for emerging applications in advanced ultrasound technologies.

Phone +33 3 81 40 31 30
Contact: Olivier Le Baron

IMASONIC designs and manufactures high-performance ultrasonic transducers for Health (including special solutions for Photoacoustic Imaging) and Non-Destructive Testing applications from more than 25 years. Using our proprietary piezocomposite technology, any type of transducer can be developed based on customer’s requirements, from single element to Phased Array transducers.

Kolo Medical Inc.
2254 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95131 USA

Kolo Medical is a leader in next generation semiconductor (silicon) ultrasound transducer technology. Their Silicon Wave transducer technology offers a practical alternative to PZT transducers for extremely broad bandwidth and high frequency imaging applications.

Sonic Concepts, Inc.
18804 North Creek Parkway
Suite 103
Bothell, Washington 98011
1-425 485-2564

Sonic Concepts, Inc. manufactures high-power, wide-bandwidth ultrasound transducers and related equipment.  SCI supplies single- or multi-element transducers, as well as annular, linear, and 2D arrays, transmit electronics, passive cavitation detectors, high-intensity hydrophones, radiation force balances, water degassing equipment, and more.  SCI supports customer orders from initial prototyping into full-scale production.

High Tech Campus 12
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Usono is a creative medtech company from the Netherlands that specializes in developing products to ease, improve and innovate the use of ultrasound. Custom solutions are co-developed to perfectly fit specific needs in clinical or research applications. The established product portfolio mainly aims at attaching existing ultrasound transducers to body parts to enable better reproducible, continuous and dynamic imaging.

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11335 NE 122nd Way, Suite 100
Kirkland WA 98034