HIFUPlex -04, -05 & -06 Transducer Bundles 2020-03-30T12:57:19-07:00

HIFUPlex -04, -05 & -06 Transducer Bundles

FUS Transducer Specifications
  • Ø150 mm f/1.0 FUS transducer
  • Transmit efficiencies up to 80% over a 40% bandwidth
  • Includes coupling cone for non-immersion applications and target for self-testing (CT-300)
  • Bladder coupling system providing a membrane at the transducer exit plane (BCS-300 optionally available)
IP-104 Imaging Transducer Specifications
  • Single crystal technology
  • 128-element phased array (note: only 64 elements available if using HIFUPlex-04 with Vantage 128 or Vantage 64LE configuration)
  • 3.5 MHz center frequency
  • Watertight housing with rotational and vertical adjustability
Dynamic Focal Depth Steering

The acoustic pressure field maps (below) illustrate software- controlled spatial modulation of the HIFUPlex-04 along the transverse plane. The HIFUPlex coherent focus is shown at 150 mm, or 128 mm from the exit plane of the transducer (top), X = 20 mm, Z = 130 mm (mid), and Z = 170 mm (bottom).

3D Rotary and Rear Mounting

The large rotary motion apparatus can be added to the HIFUPlex-04, -05, or -06 and is controlled by using the Vantage HIFUPlex PLUS GUI for 3D therapy planning and delivery

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