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Vantage Application Gallery

Microvascular Imaging

Vascular imaging of a rabbit kidney using high frame rate contrast enhanced acquisition and signal processing through ASAP with the L12-3v linear array. The lateral dimension of the image is 2.5cm.  Frame rate is 750 frames per second. 

Reference: Stanziola A et al., IEEE TMI, V37(8), pp 1847 – 1856, Aug. 2018
(title: ASAP: Super-Contrast Vasculature Imaging using Coherence Analysis and High Frame-Rate Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound)

Video courtesy of Professor Mengxing Tang, Imperial College London.

High Frame-Rate Imaging

High Frame Rate contrast echocardiography of a human volunteer’s heart using a P4-1 phased array transducer, acquired at 5500 frames per second.

Reference: Toulemonde MEG et al., JACC Cardiovascular Imaging, V11(6), pp 923-924 June 2018
(title: High Frame-Rate Contrast Echocardiography: In-Human Demonstration)

Video courtesy of Professor Mengxing Tang, Imperial College London.

High Frequency Imaging

B-mode imaging of a 1mm vein in the finger, acquired with a CMUT linear array transducer at 41 MHz. Notice the detail in the wall of the vein.

NDE, Materials Science

Full Matrix Capture of a composite material, using the Vantage system for data acquisition and Bristol BRAIN software for reconstruction. Composite materials are highly anisotropic making imaging very difficult.

For more information about BRAIN, click here.

High Frequency Imaging

Venous valve leaflets in a vein in the arm, acquired with the KOLO L38-22v CMUT Linear Array transducer. This 30MHz image shows structure of the vein wall and blood flow through the valve with respiration.

Power Doppler

High resolution image of a mouse brain produced using ultrafast power Doppler acquisition sequences without micro bubbles. The image, showing vascularity within the hippocampus, was acquired using a Vantage 256 High Frequency configuration and a 40 MHz transducer from Visualsonics.

Image courtesy of Prof. Chih-Chung Huang, Department of Biomedical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Pre-clinical Imaging

Hand-held, b-mode imaging of a mouse kidney, acquired at 30MHz using a wide-beam, spatial compounding script on a Vantage 128 High Frequency system with the L38-22v CMUT linear array.

HIFU and FUS Research 

Focused Ultrasound delivers high intensity energy in very small areas, enabling research in therapeutic techniques that utilize thermal effects, cavitation or histotripsy. This image shows the focal spot of a HIFUPlex simulation.

For more information about HIFUPlex, please click here

Biometric Research 

Finger print

This video was acquired with the finger immersed in water, and the transducer scan plane tangential to the finger surface. Vantage systems enable research and development in novel biometric techniques.

High Frame Rate 

High frame rate contrast enhanced imaging and quantification of arterial flow and wall shear stress on an arterial (carotid) flow phantom with stenosis, using the L12-3v linear array.

Reference: Leow CH et al, Ultrasound in Med. & Biol., V44(1), pp. 134–152, 2018

Video courtesy of Professor Mengxing Tang, Imperial College London.

High Frequency 

This cross-sectional image clip of the wrist shows the median nerve structures. It was acquired on a Vantage high frequency system at 41 MHz using a CMUT linear array transducer.

NDE Research

Full Matrix Capture of a steel sample with an irregular surface at 5MHz. The University of Bristol’s BRAIN software uses adaptive beamforming techniques to faithfully reconstruct this image.

Musculo-Skeletal Imaging

Flexor tendon in the finger, showing its co-axial structure and independent movement of the proximal and distal portions of the tendon. Images acquired with a 256-element CMUT linear array at 41 MHz on a Vantage 256 high frequency system.

Vascular Research 

Venous flow through a valve in the Anterior Cubital Vein, acquired with the KOLO L38-22v CMUT Linear Array transducer. The broad bandwidth of CMUT transducers provides excellent contrast resolution, as shown by the depiction of valve leaflets and blood cell aggregates.

Doppler Imaging 

Vascular color Doppler clip obtained with the Verasonics L11-5v linear array transducer, using a wide-beam Doppler acquisition script without any post-processing.

The Vantage System is intended to be used for research and experimental uses only.  
The Vantage System is not a diagnostic ultrasound device.  
Images shown are for demonstration purposes only.