Plane Wave – Vol. 2, Issue 8 – 2018 Wrap-up

Welcome to the eighth issue of Volume 2 of PLANE WAVE, Verasonics’ Newsletter through which we share information about new products and technologies, emerging applications, conferences, training opportunities, and collaborations with researchers in ultrasound and ultrasonic technologies.  We hope you find these newsletters informative and interesting, and welcome your suggestions for future topics.

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2018 Wrap-up: Verasonics Continues to Advance the Science of Ultrasound

2018 has been a notable year for Verasonics and its customers worldwide. With a mission to deliver leading edge research ultrasound technology, Verasonics strives to enable innovation, invention and realization of product development goals. Over the past year, the Verasonics Team has delivered a number of new products and services toward this objective. Additionally, the Company added a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to obtain expert guidance in state-of-the-art research across biomedical and materials science ultrasound. Recently, Verasonics participated in the annual IEEE-IUS meeting in Kobe, Japan, where a record number of research studies were presented using Vantage research ultrasound systems. Verasonics’ CTO, Ron Daigle, PhD, was also honored with the prestigious 2018 IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectronics and Frequency (UFFC) Achievement Award.

2018 Highlights: 

Verasonics introduced innovative solutions and new products including:

Verasonics Volume Imaging Package Suite of Solutions:

Verasonics new Volume Imaging Package utilizes 1 or 4 Vantage 256™ research ultrasound systems to interrogate a volume of tissue or material. With a 2D matrix array transducer and either the UTA 1024-MUX adapter or the UTA 256-Direct adapter, the Volume Imaging Package includes all necessary software and hardware. A rack-mounted system for the Vantage systems and computers provides efficient utilization of space and ergonomic considerations, with all host adapters and cables, synchronization module, installation and scripting support included.

Also available from Verasonics is a new cost-effective version of the Vantage 256 for use in high-channel-count applications. The Vantage 256 EC “External Clock” has all the transmit and receive capabilities of the standard Vantage systems, but will only function when it is paired with a “Primary” system from which it obtains a clock signal. Although the Vantage 256 EC is intended to be used only in multiple-system arrangements, it can easily be upgraded to full capability should the researcher need another independent system.

HIFUPlex™, an Ultrasound-Guided Platform to Advance Biomedical Research in Focused Ultrasound:

Verasonics, in collaboration with Sonic Concepts, Inc., an innovator of high performance transducers offer the HIFUPlex Portfolio. By bringing together the best of Sonic Concepts’ transducers with the flexibility of Verasonics’ Vantage ultrasound systems, the HIFUPlex portfolio delivers an innovative and ready-for-research ultrasound-guided focused ultrasound (USgFUS) platform. HIFUPlex addresses many applications in focused ultrasound (FUS), and meets a wide range of budgets with 6 different transducer packages available.

Sonic Concepts designs and manufactures cutting-edge, top-of-the-line therapeutic transducers in many different configurations. These transducers offer high efficiency over a broad bandwidth and highly uniform acoustic output at the radiating surface ideal for FUS applications. Verasonics’ Vantage ultrasound systems are used today at numerous institutions and companies worldwide for FUS research and product development. The Vantage 64LE, Vantage 128 and Vantage 256 systems are available in high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) configurations, which enable both energy delivery and imaging using the same transmitters, for flexible and comprehensive exploration with focused ultrasound.

HvMUX Programming Model:

A new Dynamic HvMUX Programming Model, now available on all Vantage systems, allows dynamic creation of multiplexer apertures. This new model is helpful for both linear arrays as well as matrix array transducers, allowing simplified creation of non-contiguous and sparse apertures.

Vantage 32 LE:

The Vantage 32LE is the most affordable Vantage system yet. With 64 transmit channels and 32 receive channels, the Vantage 32LE combines the power and flexibility of the Vantage family in a low-cost system. And, like all Vantage systems, the Vantage 32LE is upgradable.

Universal Transducer Adapters (UTA):

Verasonics expanded the number and variety of UTAs to increase transducer options for many kinds of research projects and enable quick conversion of Vantage systems to operate transducers with other types of connectors. Recently, Verasonics introduced new UTAS for biomedical and materials science applications, including:

Biomedical Application UTAs (all available for use with the Vantage 256, Vantage 128 and Vantage 64 LE systems):

  • UTA 408-GE: The UTA 408-GE allows direct connectivity for select General Electric (GE) transducers with up to 256 elements without a multiplexer.
  • UTA 156-U: For users of Ultrasonix transducers the UTA 156-U provides compatibility with select Sonix transducers.
  • UTA 256-Direct: This UTA is a simple and low-cost method to directly connect transducers with up to 256 elements to a Vantage system without the use of a multiplexer. This UTA requires soldering micro-coax wires to termination boards.

        Materials Science Application UTAs:

  • UTA 128 LEMO: With 128 connectors for single element transducers, the UTA 128 LEMO adapter enables comprehensive evaluation and monitoring for large structures. Two LEMO to BNC adapters are included. Available with the Vantage 256, Vantage 128 and Vantage 64 LE systems. A similar adapter, the UTA 64 LEMO, is now available with 64 LEMO connectors.
  • UTA 160-SH/8 LEMO: With a single Hypertronics phased array connector and 8 single-element LEMO connectors, the UTA 160-SH/8 LEMO adapter enables a variety of NDE research applications. Available with the Vantage 256, Vantage 128, Vantage 64 LE, Vantage 64 and Vantage 32 LE systems.
  • UTA 160-SI/8 LEMO: The UTA 160-SI/8 LEMO adapter has one I-PEX phased array connector and 8 single-element LEMO connectors. Available with the Vantage 256, Vantage 128, Vantage 64 LE, Vantage 64 and Vantage 32 LE systems.

The University of Bristol’s BRAIN (BRistol Array INspection) Software

Verasonics now offers customers advanced capabilities in phased array research for Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) through the University of Bristol’s BRAIN Software with Vantage systems.

BRAIN, provides highly sophisticated post-processing characterization and visualization tools in an easy to use package. The software package enables full-matrix and other advanced imaging techniques and analytical modules that are agnostic to the array technology. The University of Bristol’s BRAIN software is available at no cost.

Free Software Updates

Software Updates on the Vantage system are introduced 3-4 times a year, providing new capabilities and operational improvements. Verasonics is now pleased to offer this valuable benefit to ALL Vantage Customers at no cost, regardless of warranty status.

The Verasonics Community Portal

In 2018, Verasonics introduced the Verasonics Community portal providing customers with greater access to Vantage training materials, product documentation and programming scripts to expand the utility of Vantage research systems. New training videos have recently been added.The Verasonics Community is intended as a supplemental tool to the Company’s customer support and is available at no cost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are already a Vantage system user, simply register at the Verasonics Community by using your name, affiliated institution and institutional e-mail address to create log-in credentials. Please note that personal e-mail addresses are not recognized for registration at the Verasonics Community.

Verasonics adds Scientific Advisory Board (SAB):

In 2018, Verasonics assembled an SAB comprised of ultrasound research scientists and leaders with a broad spectrum of expertise across a variety of application areas in biomedical ultrasound and materials science. The SAB was formed to assist Verasonics to gain insight and feedback on potential new product concepts from thought leaders in the field of research ultrasound. Learn more about the Verasonics SAB team members.

Verasonics Exhibited at 2018 IEEE-IUS:

Verasonics recently participated in the IEEE-IUS in Kobe, Japan, where nearly 1500 scientists and engineers attended an informative conference featuring advancements in ultrasound innovation from around the world. During the conference, Verasonics was strongly represented in the program with Vantage™ research ultrasound being referenced in at least 120 published abstracts, posters and student papers. These research studies indicate that the Vantage platform continues to be an essential tool for exploring a wide variety of ultrasonics application areas including 3D/volume acquisition, microvascular imaging, focused ultrasound/HIFU and more.

In another exciting development, Verasonics’ CTO, Ron Daigle, PhD, was presented by James Greenleaf, PhD, Ultrasound Research Laboratory, Mayo Clinic in Rochestor, MN, USA, the 2018 IEEE UFFC Achievement Award at the conference for his outstanding contributions in the field of ultrasonics. This achievement award is the highest society-wide award presented to a member in special recognition of contributions.

During Dr. Greenleaf’s presentation of the 2018 IEEE UFFC Achievement Award to Dr. Daigle, he emphasized the growing volume of published research using Verasonics’ research ultrasound systems as part of Dr. Daigle’s important and most recent contributions to the ultrasound community. The graph below illustrates this trend of Verasonics’ ultrasound systems providing leading edge research ultrasound capabilities for a broad spectrum of projects.

Google Scholar 2018

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