Plane Wave – Vol. 1, Issue 3 – Focused Ultrasound

Welcome to the third issue of PLANE WAVE, Verasonics’ Newsletter through which we share information about new products and technologies, emerging applications, conferences, training opportunities, and collaborations with researchers in ultrasound and ultrasonic technologies.  We hope you find these newsletters informative and interesting, and welcome your suggestions for future topics.

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Importance of Focused Ultrasound (FUS)

Focused ultrasound is becoming increasingly preferred as a valuable non-invasive therapeutic technology in a variety of clinical areas including cardiology, endocrinology, oncology and women’s health. FUS demonstrates important and growing utility in a variety of application areas, using a range of modalities such as tissue destruction, drug delivery, immunomodulation and stem cell honing. MRI has predominantly been used to guide FUS, however researchers today are developing ultrasound-guided FUS (USgFUS) applications because they are more flexible and less costly.  Ultrasound is ideal not only for energy delivery, but also to identify, guide and target tissue in real time, as well as to monitor the treatment.

The Vantage system from Verasonics is used today at numerous institutions and companies worldwide for FUS research and product development. The Vantage 64LE, 128 and 256 systems are now available in high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) configurations, which enable both energy delivery and imaging using the same transmitters for flexible and comprehensive exploration with focused ultrasound.

Now Introducing the HIFUPlex Portfolio

Applications of High Element and Channel Count Imaging:

Verasonics and Sonic Concepts Inc. of Bothell, WA, an innovator of high performance transducers, are collaborating to introduce the HIFUPlex Portfolio. By bringing together the best of Verasonics’ Vantage systems and Sonic Concepts’ transducers, HIFUPlex delivers premium quality, innovation and versatility to ultrasound-guided focused ultrasound (USgFUS) for researchers. HIFUPlex addresses many applications in focused ultrasound, and can meet a wide range of budgets.

Sonic Concepts designs and manufactures cutting-edge, top-of-the-line therapeutic transducers in many different configurations. These transducers offer high efficiency over a broad bandwidth and highly uniform acoustic output at the radiating surface ideal for FUS applications.

HIFUPlex offers:
  • Five standard ultrasound system and transducer configurations to meet a range of customer requirements, including variable depths and frequencies, for research and development
  • An easy upgrade pathway from any Vantage configuration and from non-USgFUS solutions using Sonics Concepts’ Transducer Power Output™ (TPO™) system
  • A graphical user interface (GUI), with interleaving scripts that control the major parameters of FUS and imaging
 Learn how HIFUPlex can Advance your Research and/or Development in Focused Ultrasound

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8-12 November 2020 – Virtual Event

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9-12 November 2020 – Virtual Event

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