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New Products, Features & Options from Verasonics

Expand Your Ultrasonic Research Capabilities with the Vantage System

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Capability

To assist users who want to work with AI techniques, Verasonics has developed a tutorial to guide users through the steps of creating an application that leverages machine learning to detect arbitrary objects in ultrasound image data.

The tutorial provides four easy steps demonstrating how to:

  1. extract image data for training using the new process-storage-class feature,
  2. interactively select the target objects for training the classifiers,
  3. setup training parameters and train common classifier models, and
  4. perform real-time classification and object detection in a script using the external function.

This feature takes advantage of the robust tools provided by the MATLAB™ Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.

Automated feature extraction procedure that is implemented in the tutorial for training and classification

New User-Programmable Image Reconstruction

For Vantage™ users working with materials that have different speed-of-sound characteristics, or different properties of refraction, Verasonics has enhanced its image reconstruction software to include user-programmable image reconstruction.  This new capability provides the following benefits:

  • The image reconstruction delays can be programmed by the user on an individual pixel basis
    • Delay tables can be produced that take into account speed-of-sound variations and refractive properties
    • These tables can be dynamically updated
  • The number of channels supported was increased to over 10,000
  • Maximum depth of reconstruction was increased to 2 meters at 3 MHz
  • Support for multiple elements connected to same channel
  • Reconstruction accuracy improved by adopting floating point processing
  • Dramatic reduction in memory requirements (typically by more than 80%)
  • Support for row/column array types
  • Faster reconstruction speed (over 40 million pixels/sec for 128 channels
New image reconstruction algorithm allows user to specify delay laws for wedge imaging, and irregular surfaces with immersion imaging.

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