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Verasonics Company and Product Resources

New products and resources available from Verasonics


A complete Ultrasound-Guided Focused Ultrasound (USgFUS) Research platform that provides 3D therapy planning, delivery and monitoring on both small and large target applications.  Developed in collaboration with Sonic Concepts, the HIFUPlex PLUS is designed to address a wide range of applications and budgets, saving researchers both time and cost, while simplifying control and enhancing consistency.  Read more about HIFUPlex™ and HIFUPlex™ PLUS products.

SoniVue™ QuickScan

A complimentary software designed to provide a user-friendly, clinical-style graphical user interface (GUI) for real-time imaging.  It includes pre-sets, measurement tools, the ability to change probes and scripts during run-time, complete imaging controls, plus an advanced save and export function for both images and clips. For more information please watch the video or read the Plane Wave article about this feature.

New Transducers from Imasonic for Material Science / NDE

Including 128-element and 64-element transducers at 5 MHz.  To download a data sheet, click here.

Extended I/O Option

A hardware and software solution that provides the capability to seamlessly interface encoder, digital and analog data (including physiological input) using the Vantage Programming model for research and development in the NDE/NDT and biomedical fields. Download the Extended I/O datasheet.

New High Frequency Array

In collaboration with Daxsonics, Verasonics is developing a 30-MHz broadband transducer with 128 elements for pre-clinical and superficial applications. For more information and preliminary specifications, click here.

Essentials of Ultrasound Curriculum

Together with Tom Szabo, Ph.D., and Peter Kaczkowski, Ph.D., Verasonics has developed an introductory ultrasound course intended to give graduate students and those newly entering the field of ultrasound imaging an overview of biomedical ultrasound physics and instrumentation, with hands-on experience using the Vantage Research Ultrasound System.  Read a course overview and learn about the course content and intended users here.

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