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HIFUPlex | Advanced Focused Ultrasound platform


Verasonics, a leader in research ultrasound, and Sonic Concepts, an innovator of high-performance transducers, collaborated to design and build the HIFUPlex. The HIFUPlex portfolio is an ultrasound-guided, focused ultrasound (USgFUS) platform designed to advance biomedical research. The platform combines Verasonics’ cutting edge Vantage systems with Sonic Concepts’ superior quality transducers, a combination that promises premium quality, flexibility and innovation.

The Vantage Platform

Verasonics’ Vantage research ultrasound systems are used today by a number of companies and institutions across the globe for FUS product development and research.  The Vantage 256, 64LE and 128 systems are available in HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound) configurations, which allow for imaging and energy delivery utilizing the same transmitters. This ability enables comprehensive, flexible, ultrafast exploration using focused ultrasound.

Sonic Concepts HIFUPlex Transducers

Sonic Concepts designs and produces top-of-the-line, cutting-edge therapeutic transducers in several different configurations. Their transducers provide superior efficiency over a broad bandwidth and extremely uniform acoustic output at a radiating surface appropriate for FUS applications.

The HIFUPlex portfolio addresses numerous applications in focused ultrasound and satisfies a broad range of budgets.

The HIFUPlex Offers . . .

• A GUI (graphical user interface), with interweaving scripts that control the major parameters of FUS and imaging.

• An easy, upgradeable pathway from any Vantage configuration and non-USgFUS solutions that use Sonic Concepts’ Transducer Power Output™ system.

• 6 standard ultrasound and transducer configurations to meet a range of research requirements, including varying depths and frequencies, for research and development.

The Vantage software, along with the HIFUPlex, includes the following:

Vantage USgFUS GUI:

The Vantage USgFUS GUI is included in the following HIFUPlex portfolio configurations.


Solutions for intermediate depth and small animal applications that features adjustable FUS focal depth as well as 2D imaging.


Options without imaging (adjustable FUS focal depth) in order to initiate research efforts with a conservative budget


The solution for deep target and large animal applications that features 2D imaging and 3D FUS focal positioning.

To learn more about the cutting edge HIFUPlex, and how it can advance your focused research ultrasound efforts, click here.