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Acoustic Radiation Force

Flexible Technology for Development of New Imaging Methods Using Acoustic Radiation Force to Displace Tissue

Verasonics provides a flexible hardware and software platform to generate acoustic radiation force pulses and interleave ultra high frame rate imaging.  Using Vantage, the researcher can map shear wave propagation and tissue rebound in real-time.

Verasonics High Energy Transmit Capabilities:

The Verasonics research platforms can be equipped with three different transmit power configurations.  Of these, the Extended Transmit, or “push” option is frequently selected for the wide variety of research applications it enables, including:

  • ARFI (acoustic radiation force imaging)
  • Shear wave elastography
  • Enhanced drug delivery
  • Moderate tissue heating (hyperthermia)
  • Remote manipulation of tissues
  • Histotripsy
  • Sonoporation
  • Guided wave
  • Coded Excitation

With the Extended Transmit option an internal power supply with nearly 50 Watts capacity is used. A large energy storage capacitor provided within the system allows transmit for bursts with much higher energy levels, provided that enough time is allowed between bursts to recharge the capacitor from the internal supply. Approximately 20 Joules of energy is available from this capacitor (e.g. enough to provide 200 Watts output level for 0.1 second, or 2000 Watts for 10 milliseconds). The Extended Burst option is available on the Vantage 256, Vantage 128 and Vantage 64LE systems.

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Vantage Transmit Capabilities

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